Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Animal Training Sessions

Dog/horse/animal training sessions with a difference, starting in July in the Scottish Borders and on line - - - don't miss out . . . one to one and group Sessions available. Any problem assessed whether it be behavioural or health related. Please send your inquiries to THIS LINK

Between us all we can help to make our animals and our friends animals much more content just as we can make you less anxious, more confident and in control (not only of your animal but also of your life, wife, husband, children, relations and friends - but not with the help of 'BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION' but just by changing a few simple things . . . 

You can not lose, for every lesson learnt is a lesson shared and solved.

On behalf of yourself and the animal please, please, please don't leave it till it's too late or to the point that you want rid of the animal.

Each animal, like us, did not choose to be on this earth with us and has a right to enjoy life as much as we do - please give them this chance. 

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