Friday, 21 June 2013

Red meat v some Cancer

Having discovered an article today and responded to it's contents as soon as we felt it was only right to share it here as well -

We are so delighted to read this in black and white (Medscape). . . . it has been our belief for years that these can have a particularly negative effect on some individuals chemical balances - perhaps people might now start to think that they could do with finding out what their own individual chemical balance needs are now rather than leaving it till it's too late. . . . there is link to this on our facebook page

Having just sent in a third reply to a different Forum comment this evening I thought it only right to share it with you all as well - This relates to 'The immune System"

• Good evening . . . . . , it is late here tonight and I have meetings all day tomorrow but wanted to thank you for mentioning that you thought I had touched on a very important point. I totally acknowledge this and that each and every animal and human has their own individual chemical balance, and have seen with my own eyes, the benefits of the realisation on this matter whereby each individual reacts differently to each food/medication i.e. where one will, knowledgeably react to, for example chemo or, medication, prior to being given it, where as the other wont. I strongly feel that this is a huge void in the Medical profession and all too often individuals are treated as a 'Group' because of their symptoms' and not as individuals, Simple example being the flu jag, types of Thyroid medication, MMR and chemo to mention just a few. On many occasions I feel that too many medicinal treatments have too many concoctions in them and that often one or two of the ingredients almost, to put it simply, coagulates with the other - that is once it has been digested in the warmth and wet human/animals system causing a negative reaction such as triggered heart attacks, fits and other nasty side effects.

I totally think the Medical and Surgical world are doing a terrific job but, on occasions they are missing the individuality of each case and often utilize the elimination game offering a variety of drugs, and spending millions of unnecessary dollars in the process, with all their side effects until they find a drug that does not give the person a negative side effect, in the meantime, for some individuals they end up worse off in the long run because of the reaction of the medication they had been prescribed in the first place.

Similar to that of diabetes - each diabetic reacts differently to, for example a carrot, or a small or large banana, or the type of sugar replacement that is within the ingredients of, for example caffeine and sugar free lemonade or just something as simple as tea or coffee brands. This is an area that I feel is grossly misunderstood or not given the chance by many Professional Bodies but if it was there would be more money available to be spent on other Medical areas or towards 'mixing the right ingredients' together, as a simple example.

I whole heartedly believe that the Medical world can and will, in the future, although many do not like this idea, walk together in a more acceptable way for the absolute betterment of each individual whether human or animal and also for the long term economical state of our world today.

Once being given the correct foods and medication for the individuals chemical balance -although it can take anything from a week to 5 weeks for an individuals system to return to its' normal level - depending on the severity of their weaknesses in the first place of course, it is at this stage and this stage only that they become more immune to all the illnesses or infections that they were previously susceptible to.

Once again, thank you for replying to my comment and heres hoping that between us all we can allow less people to suffer from the side effects that are often inflicted on individuals unnecessarily so. 



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