Monday, 7 October 2013

Don't forget . . . .

Just a wee Monday morning message for all who have liked our page so far - remember the sun will always shine through for you even on a rainy day, we just sometimes have to look for something that warms our heart in a similar fashion until the sun is visual - perhaps something like a tweeting bird or the sound of the rustling leaves on a tree, but given patience the sun always returns.

May you find strength when you feel weak and may you give strength to those who feel weak.

Don't forget if you've got a problem we are here to help . . .So, don't be pulled down with acid reflux, bowel issues, skin issues, anxiety, and in the same token please, don't let your pet or animal be dragged down by the same.

Have a wonderful week and remember there is always goodness in everyone, sometimes they just have to be gently re-directed!

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