Monday, 14 October 2013

Ignore or help a fallen individual . . .

How many times do you see people walk by someone who has fallen . . . . no matter the age if someone falls it always surprises us how many people just walk on by . . . . saddened by a most recent fall when an elderly lady had fallen at a curb edge with on coming traffic afoot, although initially a bit too far away to get there first, on running towards her 8 passers by were spotted and not one stopped to help. . . . disgusted at this we felt it only fair to ask everyone who reads this post to give a fallen person a thought.  . . . . and to imagine how you would feel if you had fallen and no one came to help

Upon a fall no matter the age, and whether an animal or human, we always immediately try and get straight back up again - the animal instinct within us we guess. This particular elderly lady was clearly a bit shocked, but was also an independent person and tried to convince us that she was fine and said " I just live across the road" with almost a fear in her voice.  Another lady had appeared at this stage to help her get up so only two out of many helped her rise to her feet.

Concerned for this lady she was helped across the road to her house entrance and in she went.

The saddest thing of all was the conversation we had with the other helper -" isn't it sad these days few people actually ask for help because of the amount of fear there is of the Public" - what a sad state we live in, perhaps the next time you see someone fall, offer them a 'silent' bit of help so that they don't feel pressurized in to having to get up and go straight away straight away- at least until they gather themselves together, find a seat or a 'substitute' seat, let them sit there for while, with you, until you know they are looking healthy enough to be allowed to go their own way.

Let us try our bit to help the Public become more helpful or supportive of all who may well be worse off or who may take a tumble in their book of life -  thank you for taking time to read this Post.

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