Friday, 10 January 2014

10,037 Viewers to date - Worldwide - fantastic - ENTER TO WIN NOW

10,037 Page views to date . .  .  wonderful. The Countries involved are,  United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, India, Australia, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, France, Ecuador, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Serbia, and Brazil - apologies if we have missed any one out.

We are absolutely delighted to announce the Countries who have viewed our Web contents so far - thank you so much. 

In view of this, what we consider,  most amazing result but with not knowing who has looked at our Site within the last two hours, the first person to contact us will be given a totally free Session - either for themselves or their animal/pet - dog to elephant, horse - to pet cat. 


  1. Hello I would love the opportunity to have a session, my animals are like family to me. I have 2 horses, 14 and 13yrs old, a senior beagle approx. 16yrs old and 5 cats ranging from 5yrs to 9 yrs old. Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Hi Helene, please feel free to email us at and from there we would be happy to discuss a Session with you.