Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chicken alert and . . . . . . .

As most of you will know by now for a number of years we have been working with individuals (for the sake of our Radio Host, Jackie Walker from Natural Health Radio Live - - humans and animals) part of this work relates to individuals specific chemical balances and food stuffs as well as liquids that can have a negative effect on them. Although we have realised for a while that chickens from certain places are negative the kind of information discovered yesterday 'THESE ARE "FREE RANGE" CHICKENS. This is a terrible new invention. This foam suffocates 15,000 chickens in 15 minutes. It's an American invention by Kifco, a manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Illinois" 
above totally confirms that many individuals do not have a clue what these birds are fed on, injected with or indeed culled by . . . all these three products can indeed have a detrimental effect on any thing that consumes it. For the sake of your chemical balance, you may think that all chickens from each store are the same . . . they are not, so be careful or ask for guidance and we will guide you or train you to understand how you can tell what is good for you or what is not . . . if everyone in the world realised this and only bought what was good for them, then it would not be a producers market it would be the people's market. For example, if all of a sudden these particular chickens or the 'negative chickens were not bought then the producers/market buyers would have no option but to take them off the market . . The absolute same goes for your dog food/your horse food/your cattle and sheep feed. One scary think we came across the other day that might be of interest - did you know that 'humans are not fit for consumption' but the question has to be . . why . .. because what we eat is 'supposedly consumable' . .. now then there's a good question.

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If this makes you think . . . O, my goodness, I need to know what I am eating and what is good for me . . . now is your chance . . .  Feel free to contact  us  . . 

Here's to healthy humans, and not humans who suffer from  unnecessary  diseases due to what we either eat or drink. 

We need to make our markets -  public friendly and not "dictatorial markets' 

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