Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A little cute 'butter wouldn't melt' domineering Chihuahua

 A lovely lady decided to take a wee Chihuahua on board, a cage bred little dog, but part of the promise she had to make to the owner was that she would not let this little dog off the lead. 
So, to cut a long story short, he has not been let off the lead, apart from in his own garden in three years.

He has had aggression issues with specific types of people and has managed to control/manipulate his owner for the past three years resulting in her carrying a lot of anxiety every time there are people in the house or when people walk towards them with another dog in a park or on the street, or when there is a dog off the lead. 

Ultimately the owner, a lovely quiet unassuming lady, has had the last 3 years governed and the time she takes the dog out controlled by the dogs behaviour and her inner fear that something might happen as well as 'the promise' being at the back of her mind so she would always walk away from other dogs in case of a set to and because she naturally wanted to protect the dog. 

With the problems she was having in the house and any visitors she asked if we could help, so an appointment was arranged, although the first appointment had to be shortened, but even in that hour she and the dog seem to learn a lot about what is acceptable on a 50/50 level of communication. Going away with homework they returned 4 days later and the following photographs brings you up to date with this wonderful little dogs story. 
Mmmm, they're bigger than me, I'd better protect my Mum and out stare them!

Well, actually they are okay and I'm not being pulled back,
so it must be okay to sniff

Actually I would quite like to smell  you a  bit more! 
Mmm, there's another one over there - I can't quite smell it though,
a bit closer please Mom.

Wow, now these are big Mom, maybe I had better behave and not bark!

Okay, so I have learnt my lesson -  looking someone in the eye is
aggressive and not acceptable behaviour

So after learning this lesson and finding a pitch that he connects with - remembering he had not had to use a recall before or indeed had to be called back from anything, he was invited to have his first few moments of freedom with another two dogs running free. Mom, biting her nails said okay - go for it - - - -


Mmm think we'll stay clear of that  thing!

Well, it's smaller than me, maybe if I go from behind it'll be okay!

Wooooooops, maybe I shouldn't have done that! or, maybe, maybe the
little thing wants to play! 

                                 And the big girl comes in - now little blonde just you behave yourself                                                                                                                                                             
Freedom for the first time in 3 years - YIPEEE
Mom has no nails by this time!
I'll just do what I think I should do - --  SNIFF everywhere!

This was a tremendous day for both Mom and Dog - well done both, what a relief  but more importantly to see this little dog running free for the first time was goose bumpingly moving.

Message in this little story

Little dogs can be as nasty as a massive guard dog

Bribery with food can lead to aggression and corruption

50/50 is the only way forward with any animal, whether pup or elephant

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