Monday, 15 September 2014

All animals can be communicated with, here is a small example

Some of you will know for the last few weeks we have had a buzzard flying in our area and that as soon as we first heard it, he/she almost sounded as if it was lost or had lost its' family.

Well, we started to whistle to it but in the first instance she/he must have been at least 5/6 fields away and kind of seemed to, at least we thought it seemed as if she/he was whistling back, repeating our whistle the replies kept coming back and lo and behold about 9 minutes alter she/he flew towards our area, still replying to our whistle, and hovered above us . . it was amazing to see this and truly made us realise that, although many of you know we speak to all animals any way, that a totally wild bird of prey seemed to acknowledge our attempt of 'buzzard talk'.

Some of you have already experienced this with this specific Buzzard, to the point that you, initially may have thought we were being rude by us interrupting the conversation by saying, ' hang on, there's that Buzzard' with whistles shortly to follow.

The message in this little story is to ask you all to give all animals a chance to be communicated with, don't just assume on their behalf.

Thank you

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