Monday, 29 December 2014

Universal language - - - all living creatures have . .

Universal language -  all living creatures have access to this yet many humans seems to have lost this sense, or perhaps due to ease and their found comfort zones have taught themselves not to use it.

Yet for those who live in the bush, or in an aboriginal type of an environment, use it on a daily basis, often for survival not dissimilar to all living wild creatures when they sense danger afoot. 

If you saw and heard these birds would you not instinctively wonder what was going on? 

It doesn't take much for a rabbit, cat or dog to run when a flock of crows or birds fly over, just as it doesn't take much for that same rabbit to move its' young if he/she senses vibrations in the ground from a digger or tractor or under ground movement.

Just as geese sense the time to fly away, but it's not just on any day, it's before particular weather comes in

At most given disasters it is mostly humans who are found or who suffer as well as some some pets who have been encouraged to become dependent on sharing the 'human world' yet given most wild dogs or cats, deer, elephants, giraffes, dolphins, whales and many many more varieties of living creatures they sense immediately when danger is afoot and move away which often sends warning messages to others as they go. Just as their alarm bells would ring if their native birds showed signs of anxiety. 

If we all could regain this natural skill and learn to use it more we could protect ourselves and others from so many negative experiences but also use it to our own and others advantage with regards communicating with those with communication issues or indeed behavioural issues. 

An example of some people who already use this amazing talent to the full we have already mentioned, but others who use it in a milder form but on a daily basis are Shepherds, Farmers, people who work the land, sea or sky. Yet others who are more internally based rarely use it at all. However, on a very basic scale some who perhaps have a stove or real fire for example might say 'there's a change of weather afoot because the flame has changed colour from orange to blue'. or if your roof slates sound as if they are cracking again a weather change is a foot just as trees cracking during weather changes gives the animals of the forests a similar warning. In fact we are sure you could all add one or two quotes like these - all of which are a very basic form of universal language - a language that all animals understand. 

So what stops us from using this sense or perhaps we should call it the famous 6th sense. Sadly it's often due to being so tuned in on ourselves or daily goings on and not being aware of the wider picture of  Nature's daily conversation. Another small example could be for example if America has a snow storm you can guarantee that within about a 3 week period the UK will get the tail end of it so we can prepare in readiness. Or if our migrating birds move on earlier than usual beware. Or if there is silence in the air with no bird song or cries then something is afoot - perhaps take a moment to look outside and watch which way the wind is going or smell the air. Or if all cows, deer and sheep (who are not in a fenced field) started to bolt to the top of a hill for whatever reason would you bolt as well or would you question what you should do?

Some people sense a form of vibration from their foot upwards if something is imminent just as elephants sense the same on their pads. 

However we truly believe one of the main things that stops us from using, if we can call it this '6th sense'  is our most commonly used language, yes, the one that comes out of our mouths and the one that we use and abuse far too often on a daily basis. We are all so busy talking and not sensing, but if we could sense more and reduce the talking many of the issues humans have would not exist. 

When we work on all animals our motto is 'Let Silence speak' 
and it absolutely works every time.

Letting silence speak - Universal language

Just imagine if all humans could retrain themselves, our world would become less dictatorial, less greedy (maybe!), friendlier, more supportive and appreciative of all living creatures and potentially less disastrous for many. 

Why not start to listen to the world around you and of course your own basic intuition or instinct and watch your world take a turn for the better.

Let us all encourage our adults of tomorrow to use this extremely powerful 'Universal language'. Perhaps take time to try not using any verbal language in your household for a minimum of half an hour each day and gradually increase it when you are going for that daily walk. Or when you are walking your pet or riding your horse, walk or ride as one in silence, watching each ear movement, muscle flinch and sense their thoughts whether content or anxious and console or reassure them in the way that your specific pet asks but without any form of verbal communication at all. 

On behalf of all living creatures and our own future safety and well-being thank you for taking time to read this post. 

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