Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A walking stick buddy . .. an imperative piece of equipment if you carry a stick - a.k.a ' The Raymond Stick'

A Stick holder . . . an ingenious idea

How many times do you see someone in front of you with a stick, they rest it against a counter and then it slips on to the floor, you politely say ' I'll get it for you' but for those who are filled with pride, say ' No, it's okay I can manage' then before you know it, both the stick and the stick handler is on the floor the wrong way up! 

This very clever elderly gentleman, once a keen walker, decided he was fed up of his stick always falling and his pride being dented to boot that he went in to a wee shop to ask if they could sew on an inch and a half piece of braid on to his jacket. This piece of braid then become a home for his faithful stick when it wasn't in use - an absolutely ingenious idea, and one that we thought we would share with you all. 

Once a person gets used to hooking it on, it becomes automatic and their faithful stick will never slip away again. 

So, the method in this tale is easy, find a piece of braid, sew it on to the opposite side of the hand the Stick user uses and their stick will always be within easy reach. 

Because of this great invention we are going to call it the 'Raymond Stick' .

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