Monday, 7 December 2015

And an update on Sunder . .

Sunder's new chapter of his book of life  continues.  . . .  living the life of an elephant, well almost, just as an elephant should.

Our original post on Sunder dated  28th December 2013  which was a few months after we had been asked to scan him. Sunder not only touched our hearts but millions of others, and it is thanks to all the support he received from everyone and of course Save All Elephants, PETA India, Carol Buckley and many others that he is where he is now. 

He has moved the hearts of many and through his story other elephants voices have been heard. 

For us to see him now, after scanning him then . . . 

is truly wonderful. He put up with so much unnecessary abuse for far too long, although sadly not as long as many others who are still being abused. 

However to see this update on him now, and to see the care he is getting completely melts our hearts  even further. 

Sunder you are a fine Majestic King and we are so so sorry that the human race put you through such pain, upset, cruelty and fear. We know why you never fought back, and your patience or the way you held on to that thin, thin piece of thread for sanity deserves a massive medal and sheer acknowledgement.  

Sunder we bow down to you, 
Sunder we respect you,
Sunder we adore you, 
Sunder, now, no one will ever harm you.
Let your memory of pain be behind you,
and those dreaded footsteps be forgotten to. 
Enjoy, Smile, be happy with other elephants - so true
For now you can finally be you. 

25,900 viewers to this Blog. - Thank you one and all

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