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Could the U.S patent signal the closure of pesticides, Herbicides and GMO's . . Our students can help to fulfil this . . . Part 1

Firstly a warm welcome to all newcomers, we hope this page will guide and help our future adults towards creating a healthier world for all. 

Part 1

"This new U.S. patent could signal the end of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs" if only exploitation could be included in this! 

The above phraseology needs to change to "This new U.S. Patent WILL end all pesticides and GMO's!'  (and wishful thinking on our part - exploitation)

If everyone truly knew exactly all the illnesses that are caused by these then nothing would move off the Supermarket shelves until there was food KNOWN not to have any chemicals or contact with pesticides at all.

Let's name just a few health issues that are often found to be triggered by Chemicals and Pesticides in humans and many of our pets and wild animals via ingestion, inhalation and absorption;

Skin Issues
Behavioural issues
Bowel and Stomach issues

This term 'No pesticides, No chemicals' needs to be patented world wide! for they are rapidly killing the earth, the atmosphere and many animals.

It doesn't take much research to realise the following;

37% of Methane Emissions result from factory farming!

90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide go in to the atmosphere every year via fossil fuels used in energy, transportation and synthetic pesticides/ fertilizers!

Factory farming can also release harmful compounds such as Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia which can cause immediate negative effects in humans and animals!

More than a million sea birds and mammals are killed every year by ingestion of plastics!

Chemical run-offs from farms has apparantly created 400 dead zones!

Acid rain causes discharges toxic amounts in to water systems!

Noise pollution is driving many creatures to extinction!

And within 25 years due to deforestation there will be 28,000 species driven to extinction!

If we don't do something about it now, it's not only going to be good bye to many species but it will be good bye to humans as well!

If you are concerned about this, which you all should be! then please, consider what you eat and drink, stop buying anything with chemicals in it, stop buying the foods that have a shelf life of 30 days or more! stand up for the general Health and Well-being of this planet earth and our fellow animals, birds and fish that are supposed to be sharing it with us - after all the planet does not belong to humans - then and then only will the supermarkets and the 'Markerters', The producers market and the Pharmaceutical market realise that they will have to change their ways!

Encourage your youngsters to read or to research the true state of the Earth and its' animals, show them the pictures that are painful to watch, show them the hidden world that goes on unbeknown to many. Encourage them to make a difference, to have pride in the earth and it's living creatures (especially the largest animals of this planet - the elephants and whales),

exclude exploitation of all the millions of animals and humans who go through severe pain every minute of the day all thanks to Human Financial gain! Perhaps encourage them to study some of the following - instead of following the sheep or just copying someone else because they don't know what Profession to go in to. 

Animal and Environment protection
Animal Behaviouralism
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wild Animal Husbandry
Habitat specialist
Animal Cruelty investigator
Animal nutritionalist
Marine Ecologist
Naturalist, Conservationist, Environmental scientist? Climatolology,
Political scientist ...
Eco-biology, Conservation
Eco studies
Ecological politics
Journalism - Documentary film maker
Artist- many people's views are changed by what they see & read & changes are made in the world by the power of public opinion & their ability to vote &/or protest.

Humans are causing more destruction than any other animal - what gives them the right to destroy the Earth?

If you agree with any of this please share this information and start to change the state of the earth now and our children's children will live in a much healthier world . . . on behalf of millions - thank you for taking time to read this post. 

In the meantime remember what humans have done to the earth, it's not animals who have nearly destroyed it, it's humans and it's only humans who can start to fix there forefather's and foremother's errors.

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All animals have a right to walk this planet,
on an equal footing as all humans . ..
Please support the future of all animals, 
but especially the ones most under threat. 

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