Monday, 14 March 2016

For all who are going to Elephant Country or contemplating going to a Circus - PLEASE SHARE

Wow, you get the chance to go on that trip of a lifetime and you say to your friends or your Travel Agent you're going to Elephant Country, then some of them might say 'you must go on an elephant ride, it's awesome, we can recommend this place or that place'.

Or someone offers you a ticket for a Circus which has Elephants in the parades/acts.

But before you decide we would beg you to take a look at some, if not all, of these photographs as this is what each captive (for financial gain) elephant has to go through from the beginning to the end of their life, no matter whether they are ridden, logging elephants, supposed painters or circus elephants! 

Please, take a seat while you are scrolling through them as some of them  are heartbreaking to see. 

Months on end the baby elephants are kept in such sheds until their spirits are broken ..  is it fair? the gestation period of an elephant is 2 years, yet just months or often ever days after being born they are hijacked put through horrific pain and what for -  all for financial gain. 

or would you rather walk with them, on their level, or share their grazing and water hole mud bath time.  

On behalf of all elephants who are being used for financial gain with pain . .  please share this post .

Thank you so much.

or if you hear of an Elephant who has done some damage to a human/humans, please take this poem in to account. 

It was not the Elephants fault.

Here are a few links to places where you can truly make a difference to an elephants life .  

and there are quite a number of other places that you can go and help them on the ground or financially from a distance. Or perhaps you would just like to promote their Volunteer programmes 


you could support other elephant facebook pages.

All these would help to give our elephants of today their voice for their dreams to become a reality tomorrow or sometime soon.

On behalf of all elephants 

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