Sunday, 20 March 2016

New Chapters in your Book of Life .. are you frightened .

Perhaps a small poem to give you hope

Life can be scary, daunting and petrifying with it's twists and turns,
Often leaving us filled with a mass of concerns, 
One being should I stay with the known,
with the seeds already sewn.
Should I get out of the dread and the fear 
or look to live a life filled with cheer.

I have looked out the door and seen the cheer,
and the road ahead looks clear!
But I don't know this feeling!
it's foreign to me, 
maybe I need time,
maybe I have more steps to climb, 
before I am able to share the cheer,
or do I just need to be brave and change a gear! 

I was brave today, I took that step,
I felt I could breathe, 
I almost felt free!
a foreign feeling to me!
Maybe tomorrow I could take a second step.

A month later . . . 

I've have ventured out that door numerous times, 
with the sky so clear and the wind so fresh,
and everyone is still so filled with cheer!
I have laughed, I have smiled, 
I have shared the cheer,
Someone even said, 'Hello,  and how are you today my Dear?'
Still foreign to me but
I'm welcoming this new door filled with cheer.

There was a time my life was dark?
and I never thought it would change from that!
but I was brave, I took that step
and a few years on I have never looked back.

Nature's Physician's Global Health Mission

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