Saturday, 3 August 2013

Scary - 75% physicians in the world refuse chemo for themselves . . .

Yet again another article found on Physicians not choosing to take chemo for themselves or indeed for their families LINK 

Cancer is a word that scares us all and is such a difficult illness to digest but these days, with it becoming, unfortunately, so common we need to continually remind ourselves that we are not the only ones suffering either from it or indeed not the only ones who know someone suffering from it

Although we believe that some people can cope with chemo the long term side effects can, for others, be dreadfully frustrating and tiring and for some they wish they had never gone through it.

We would like to suggest, for your own piece of mind if nothing else,  that if you are diagnosed with Cancer, and need to have chemo, seek alternative guidance as well as Medical advice and weigh up all the pro's and cons. Perhaps if you don't feel up to it or do not have they knowledge to use the Internet then ask a friend to take this on board for you or ask a Member of the family.

Sometimes after having an operation to remove the lump/tumour things like changing your diet to suit your specific chemical balance, can help your long term health without having to bombard your whole system with the toxins that go along with medication.

After each and every trauma we go through in life,  whether it be giving birth, the loss of someone close or even the loss of a long loved pet, a general operation which might have involved a general unaesthetic, a divorce/separation, changing jobs, being made redundant, moving house/country/town or even a coming to  crossroads in life can change our chemical balance.

Perhaps you could take five minutes out just now and consider, if you have ever suffered from any mild/severe illness either immediately or from 6 months on from any dramatic change in your life. Nine times out of ten most chronic illnesses have been triggered by something or are genetically based. For example, if you are suffering from bowel issues, skin issues as a result of these then certainly get them checked out, but try and look for methods other than medication, consider a change of diet as well. We would be happy to guide you on this.

Many modern day Doctors are happy to discuss alternative methods but if you find that you are faced with a closed door or are being steamrollered by believing this is the only option then, please, spend some time on Chief Inspector Google. At the end of the day we should always remember there are always choices and that you, as an individual have the right to choose. But often History and 'the norm' dictates, but sometimes, for some, this is not the best option.

Our choices these days are massive in comparison with years ago when Medication was the only option to either solve or mask the problem in hand. For the sake of your health long term, an hour or so spent doing your own investigations can indeed result in a healthier lifestyle without the continual long term effects of many drug based methods. Don't be frightened of the choices, there will be one out there that suits you -  on behalf of those who have suffered for years in the past, give yourself and others this chance of a healthier life.

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