Monday, 5 August 2013

A fear of looking people in the eye

We shared a comment with you on the 30th July on Facebook about people not being able to look you in the eye, in fact some people shut their eyes when they are speaking to you and for some this is extremely irritating and seen as totally impolite and rude - - However, for those people who have this problem, nine times out of ten this means they often have an underlying problem and unfortunately will often face more issues in life than those who can look you in the eye.

There are quite a number of reasons for this and we would like to share some of them with you - perhaps these individuals have -

1 Something to hide,

2 Are frightened (for whatever reason),

3 A wish to domineer the conversation -

4 A mistrust for people

5 A fear of being bullied

6 An issue at remembering what they were going to say

More often than not if people have this issue they are rejected from or by others. . . ., for some they can be easy targets and can get hurt even more because of this.

If we are working with animals or humans who can not look you in the eye due to what ever reason, then the first thing we train them 'indirectly' to do, to give them that feeling of confidence, security, comfort or lack of fear, is to look you in the eye.

For the safety, security and comfort of others (humans or animals) please can you help us to do the same . . . . if you know of someone who has a problem like this, please message us and we will help you.

There are far too many people in our world who are scared and as a result of this end up being 'easy meat' / walked over by others or who have no 'self defence' mechanism, let us all try and reduce this and increase their confidence instead of rejecting them.

Often we reject them because of our own fear of not being able to trust, when in fact the main cause is often a massive fear or insecurity in the person who can not look you in the eye.

"Until an animal can look you in the eye it's fairly safe to say that you will experience behavioural issues" resolve it and a 50 50 communication language can be achieved and their confidence increased in the process.

On behalf of many who have suffered from this in the past please help us to help others.

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