Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Help to encourage less littering in our Communities by not spoiling our children!

How many of us walk round parks disgusted by the amount of litter, broken glass and other dangerous items lying around, or, perhaps the wind blows all the lighter objects in to a corner making it look as if someone has emptied a tonne of crisp packets, squashed empty cans, snack containers and many other undesirables!

The next time we take the same route, how many of us decide to actually take a large empty bag (or 2) and a grabber (the ones you can buy for children do a wonderful job) to pick up some of these objects - unfortunately the answer to this question is 'not very many' or how many of us think to ourselves "well actually it's the local Councils job and not any one else's".

So, with this in mind and with a few of us having done the latter and having left a few plastic bags tied on to lamp posts in daylight when the 'offenders' could see us, we were pleasantly surprised to see these offenders actually starting to put their litter in to the bags that we had conveniently placed in 'natural dumping areas'.

Which brings us on to the next conclusion, actually two conclusions . .

1 If the younger generations see us, as adults, tidying up in public areas, they will follow suit, however, if they see us walking past all the debris they will not think twice about the rubbish lying around and will naturally continue to drop their litter where ever.

2 However, the main conclusion we have come to is - by 'automatically tidying up after our children' in our own homes/gardens/cars etc' we spoil them for far too long leaving them no lesson to tidy up after themselves and indeed with little respect for tidiness and with the assumption that someone somewhere will tidy up after them.

So, the little motto in this tale is : stop tidying up after your children from the age of 8 or younger, encourage them to tidy up as they go along. Or make an effort, or ask a Local Councillor, to randomly visit a park to connect with the youngsters to have a 'pick up litter hour' - you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference this will make. It will and does encourage the youngsters to have more respect for their surroundings - give it a try and see what happens - you will be quite amazed and the difference to the look of your Local Community will be incredible.

If we all pull together on this it wont take long for our world to become a healthier and happier place for young children, the elderly and our animals but more to the point individuals will be more respectful of their Communities.

Thank you for taking time to read this post

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