Tuesday, 1 April 2014

All Animals / Horses misbehave, buck, cavort around for a reason

Let us help you to help them to stop cavorting around. On behalf of many animals who have been shoved from pillar to post all because of their behaviour . . moving them on like this does not give them any sense of security and actually can make their cavorting around become more serious . .  please give all animals the chance to communicate. 

At the moment we are seeing a massive increase in animals being given away to a home for either free or a minimal amount. People seem to be jumping at this chance, but please, make sure you cover yourself and the animal involved. Some handy hints : 

1 Ask if you can take the animal on a trial period - get this in writing or ask to exercise it a few times in the area that it knows

2 Make sure you ask what it gets fed, because a change in diet all of  a sudden can change their temperament.

3 Make sure you pick up all four legs and hold them in a position for a few minutes 

4 Ask how the animal stands to be clipped or shod . . you could have a  child helping you then all of a sudden BANG . ..

5 Make sure you don't just buy straight over the internet without asking someone you know to go and see the animal. Or ask for some video footage before you decide, then ask an expert to look at the footage. 

6 If you see an  animal that looks sorry for itself, BEFORE you take it on make sure you have additional support if needs be

7 Most people get an animal vetted before they take it on. 

8 Many of us forget what is said at these crucial times so either get the previous owner to text or email you with the information you both discussed shortly after each visit or ask them to jot them down, it's handy to have this detail to fall back on just in case the animal changes, At least this way the old owner will have prepared you with how to react for this horse. Some people often hand out a 'to do list' before handing the animal over or a list of things the animal  likes or the routine it has been used to. 

9 Make sure you keep a note of the old owners address and are given a passport.

10 If you think the animal is not suitable for you but no someone who this animal could have a good chance with, why not give them a ring . . . you never know you could be doing both the animal, the owner and the potential owner a favour.  

We must always remember that not two of us have the same characters and there is no difference between each animal. 

Thank you. 

We are always gearing for 

are you?

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