Monday, 31 March 2014

12,000 viewers to this Site all the way from

This is wonderful news, 12,000 viewers from  North Uist to Southern Australia . . . thank you so much everyone . . .between us all we will turn our world in to a healthier and happier place for all animals and humans to live in, after all we were all put on this planet for a reason -  to share. Let us all continue to encourage to share and to show those who are negative towards many animals that we all have a heart and a voice, no matter the kind of animal we are, we all have family and on top of everything else we deserve to eat what is good for us and not what we are dictated to eat, just as we, in theory, should all have a roof over our heads suitable for the type of animal we are as well as a natural environment to freely roam in. 

We were all put here to walk with each other. Let us eradicate greed and selfishness and discourage or re-direct those who have grown to be greedy by killing or beating some of our most majestic animals for no reason other than for financial gain. We should all feel proud to walk with all the amazing creatures available to us because once we are gone we are gone and nothing can bring us back to the beauty of our world. So, enjoy every breath of wind, every daylight hour, every sunset and sunrise from here on in . . .  Thank you one and all.

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