Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Are you Gluten intolerant . . .

Gluten has got an awful lot more to answer for than the NHS think.

Gluten can also have a similar negative side effects on animals

Although the NHS may have all the up to date equipment and procedures to test individuals for a gluten intolerance or allergy these tests do not seem to be hitting others chemical balances who have a sensitivity towards specific gluten based and gluten free foods.

From all the diet sheets to date that we have been asked to look in to, and create, for individuals with a wide variety of health issues which have resulted, by our methods, in them having an intolerance to Gluten, it is clear that the NHS is missing a large percentage of people and is leaving the same amount of people confused, paranoid and upset. Paranoid because, for some, the Doctors are saying, there is nothing the matter, when clearly there is. But thanks to our method and other alternative methods people are being given a chance to feel healthy again.

So why is it, with all this technology the NHS are missing the Gluten intolerance or sensitivity in so many people.

Has Modern technology become too complex?

Could it be that it would be too financially expensive for the production market to reduce the 'Gluten in foods' who knows, there could be many a reason or indeed it could just be that they are genuinely unable to trace such fine sensitivities which, can become progressively worse if taken over a long period of time.

This is an interesting article to read . . . .

This also applies to sugar intolerances. One of the things we all tend to forget about are the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables, each of which can have a negative effect on various parts of our bodies, i.e. skin, our nether regions as well as our energy levels and mental state. 

If you are struggling or indeed being told by your Doctors that they can't find what is wrong, or that you are fine! or are suggesting you take this liquid or that medication, why not give your body a natural chance to be better by eating specific foods for your specific chemical balance. For those who have asked for diet sheets, of which there have now been many,  rarely have we found two people to have  the same chemical balance, but the best thing of all is they, after  just a matter of days, and nine times out of ten,  feel better than they have for months and often years.  

Don't let your body or your pets body suffer any longer, we are here to help you to find the most natural way to a healthier life style and way of life before negative foods get a hold of your health. 

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