Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Don't you use treats for solving animal problems?

One of the many comments made during sessions when we go and solve animal issues is 'don't you use treats (as in food treats) to get the animals to stop their problem'  and our answer is ' The only time we give a 'food' treat is occasionally at the end of each session or if there is an animal so scared or scarred from human kind otherwise it is always 50/50 communication. 

As many of the owners have said ' we can't believe what you have done for our animals, within such a short period of time, it's amazing ' or 


  • We have never seen our animals respond so quickly
  • We have never seen our dog so calm 
  • We have never seen our dog connect so well
  • We have never seen our dog actually genuinely ask for something in a way that is silently understood by all, with out verbal acknowledgment
  • Our dog never plays yet you have shown them how to play after years of their whole life of not playing
  • Our dog actually listens to us now, not necessarily by using our voice but by using specific eye commands
  • Our dog used to chase things yet you have managed to find their natural forte which re-directs their initial thought of 'chasing' to concentration of the tool in mouth or simply by us changing our own body language
  • Our dog used to have the runs all the time and after many hours at the Vets with no results we asked if you could take a look and after 36 hours and feeding him what you suggested his stools are solid
  • Our horse used to bull doze us but now he listens
  • Our horse never used to like being stabled but now is the first one to come in
  • Our horse used to be petrified of this or that, yet you have solved it
  • Our horse used to hate being put in to a trailer for years, but after one session you solved it
  • Our horse had skin issues but after one Session and listening to your suggestions the skin issue has gone
  • Our horse used  to buck as soon as your foot went in to the stirrup but after a couple of Sessions he soon realised that it wasn't so bad after all.
  • Our horse used to hate having his hooves picked up but after one session this issue was solved
  • Our horse used to have watery stools but after changing his diet they looked like normal horse stools
  • Our Show  Bull had major skin issues prior to a Show but after changing his food and lathering him in an ointment suggested by you he was able to go to the Show after all .
  • We asked you to train a bull for a sale, the friendly way and you did it - we were amazed

"ALL WITH OUT USING FOOD as a tool - Amazing and it has taught us to do the same . . "

So what is it or how do you do it? is generally the next question and our answer is - by using the most powerful language of our universe and it's called 'Universal language'  Every animal has its' own key, it's own forte and it's all about tapping in to that at the correct second and not a minute later or indeed a minute earlier. 

Please give all your animals  this chance before they could become controlling of you or your family or before the bribery introduced creates a corrupt animal resulting in false trust and a nip or a kick or head but. On behalf of many misunderstood animals, thank you for taking time to read this post.

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