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Food Marketing, The Medical and Pharmaceutical Markets have us in a Catch 22 human net

After sharing a post on 

MRI Shows Cancer Cells Thrive On Processed Sugar

comments were made by someone who, in this instance we will call Alison, in view of her logic we thought we would share it with you.


"Dr Atkins said that 30 years ago and the medical world said he was crazy."

Nature's Physician If more people used their inner animal instinct and not the Producers Market Instinct then three quarters of the things on the shelves today would not be there and all our health would be 100% better. How many animals go in to a shop and choose poison, the only poison animals are given are the poison that humans put down for them! If no one knows how to use their inner animal instinct then it's high time they learnt! we can help to guide people but it has to come from them WANTING TO LEARN in the first place, otherwise Cancer and other illnesses will continue to rule our health! Humans are killing the world . . .


"That is so true!!! Sugar is addicting isn't it. Just like a drug!!! Humans have so many addictions".

Nature's Physician but why have they got addictions? . . . . because the Producers Market has put it there for us all to be tempted to buy - and with such ease. Animals don't have a shop every 50 yards, and don't have access to chemicals to make their foods last, negatively, longer, unless given by human beings . . . who are the most unhealthiest animals of our planet . . .


"I spend a lot of time in Tanzania. And a lot of time with the Maasai. They drink sweet tea, but other than that, the amount of sugar eaten is microscopic compared to what the developed countries eat. They also, the Maasai, live to be in their 90's".

But their diet is primarily animal products. No vegetables, ugali, made from corn flour and meat and milk.

Nature's Physician And they live a much healthier life in-between 0 and 90 with few serious illnesses . . . So the conclusion is Patti Vaughn ? and your answer is correct . . . so therefore how can you help to show the world or at least one your friends that the time us come for the people of the world to start to dictate what is on our shelves?


"The sugar and the preservatives we eat are killing us. I have left a loaf of bread and gone away for over a month. It's still soft and white. Very scary!!!"

Nature's Physician If you can start to guide just one person today, and they, once having realised and tested this out, (after just a week they would notice a huge difference) that this worked, then they could guide another, etc etc, it would 't take that long for the Western world of Human existence to become 100% healthier . . . If you need guidance at any stage just ask and we can help to show you how to scan what you eat yourself. The Producers Market will never change unless we, as their Targeted market, stops buying their chosen convenience and hugely profitable foodstuffs.

Nature's Physician Each time you spread this word another person will become healthier as will their children's children. It's the only way forward to a healthier future. The Pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune out of us, as well as the drugs they put in to foods. They have us all eating out of their hands, and the profit goes straight back to them and not towards creating healthier food. The only way we can go back to being healthy animals is to 'grow' (in every sense of the word) forward ourselves . . . and to stop buying 'preserved / hormone induced foods and instant foods'. But because of the speed of the Western World the likelihood of the latter happening is zero. Can you persuade someone to do the latter? or as an example, or encourage them to stop drinking instant or cheap coffee! If everyone truly realised the poison they consume on a daily basis they would indeed stop. Certainly, the individuals who come to us and ask for help notice a huge difference often just days afterwards. . . . It's completely down to us as individuals as to whether we WANT to feel better, live healthier, or to encourage youngsters to do the same. Just think about the amount of money that would be saved in the Medical World! O, but that would have a roll on effect on the Pharmaceutical world wouldn't it!! 

So really, is it more a question of ' we have been encouraged to be in a 'catch 22 situation?'

If we eat a healthier and more balanced diet our health will become more balanced as a result, as will the state the foods on offer to us.

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