Wednesday, 18 November 2015

No matter who your neighbour is or whether they are single, married or elderly, look after them as if they were your own family . .

All different times of the year can be hard for individuals, especially for those who live on their own. Many put on a brave face but are confused, sore, sad or distraught, never seeing one person from one day to the next. Often choosing to become a hermit perhaps due to pressure, or sadness or an inability to cope with the paths that life has taken them on. 

But Winter time brings added issues, and Christmas time can be horribly lonely for many, but peaceful for others and a whole doze of fun for many more. Some are not able to cook that awesome Christmas meal, so why not add an extra few potatoes and vegetables in to your pan, make a slightly bigger cake or an extra Dessert or a bigger bowl of soup and hand a tray full in as a very welcome treat. 

It's an expensive time of year with more heating and food needed, warmer clothes and shoes to keep every one warm. Some find it difficult to make ends meet, some just find this time of year depressing and lonely. 

Please, if you have a spare bowl of soup at the bottom of your pan, or one last piece of cake, why not knock on your neighbours door, and say ' Hi, we had this left and thought you would like it! Or if you are going to the shops, knock on the door and say ' Is there anything you need', Or if you see a bargain, why not buy an extra one and hand it in as a treat.

Please never forget everyone needs someone and often many have no-one. 

Even if you have had a fall out with your neighbour over the years, let bygones be bygones and if you don't see them for a few days, check they are okay. 

On behalf of millions of people all over the world as well people in your area, thank you.

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