Friday, 18 November 2016

Reduce Depression and Mental Health issues the healthier way from day one.

Far too many people are suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues . . many are given medication in an attempt to solve these issues, or as some would put it ' to pause/freeze the issues' but sadly, as soon as the medication is stopped some of these health issues return, others suffer in silence, burning away inside for far too long or live in denial or are ruled by fear or the voices within.

Many individuals are sent to see this Doctor or another Doctor, this Psychiatrist then another, or this Social Worker or the next, or one C.P.N then another. Each time the sufferer usually has to repeat their experiences over and over again, not just over a period of days but months and, sadly, often years. Some of these methods do not work, instead they can do more damage to the mental state of the sufferer resulting in complete despondency and with little trust that anyone out there can actually help which can make the sufferer feel that 'no-one' out there truly understands them or even tries to understand their language or train of thought. 

Depending on how low the sufferer has managed to get to or how well they cope/or don't cope with issues these individuals are often prescribed medication to calm them down, this is all fair and well for that moment in time, but this method does not teach the sufferer how to cope with issues in their future, instead it often teaches them to find some form of substance that will give them the same sensation as the medication previously prescribed, ultimately, giving them a false illusion of the issues in hand and leaving their coping strategies just about non existent.

Here are a few simple hints to help, all of which can be encouraged by friends and families or relations from as young as being a day old baby. However, for those who suffer at an older age, sometimes immediate family can be too close to the sufferer and a third party is the better option, perhaps someone who they respect or someone who has a quiet but positive  way of reinforcing 'self confidence' and positive thinking.

Sadly, the signs of such health issues are not caught at the early stages, but if they are or can be, then they would not escalate to such a dire state leaving many an individual feeling rejected from Society and their Community. 

Before we go on much further we would ask you to take a few moments out to read these two poems which explains how some people feel and the kind of help they need to live a healthier life as well as being accepted in to the Community without being labelled or feeling that dreadful sense of rejection which can often make some become so ostracised that they rarely go over their front doorstep.

Please, help someone today . . try to:

  • Reduce verbal communication as often these poor sufferers have been suffocated by words
  • Stop criticising and give positive praise instead.
  • Invite a sufferer to go for a peaceful walk away from the buzz of crowds of people then gradually start to walk in slightly busier areas. 
  • Comfort zones - If a conversation can be had with them talk about the things they did as a child, what sweets they used to eat, what their favourite carry out was, did they have a family dog - if so take your dog the next time. Or perhaps you could ask them where they used to go as a family. The latter might give such results as the beach, or the top of  a specific hill top or riverside. In which event perhaps involve them with a walk in a similar looking area the next time. Perhaps purchase a packet of the sweets they talked about or treat them to ' their childhood memory Carry out. 
  • If the sufferer is one of your kids, the temptation to say things such as 
    • You look awful
    • Your room is a mess
    • You could at least help around the house more
    • However all these little negative comments build up very quickly towards a lack of self esteem and a huge lack of confidence leaving the Sufferer feeling even more lousy than they were before. 
In the event that someone comes in anxious, hypersensitive or verging on the side of a mental wobbly or break down here are a few things you can do to diffuse the situation:

  • Do not be aggressive  because as all that this will do is trigger aggression with in them
  • Reduce verbal conversation
  • Make them a comforting drink and leave it somewhere for them to see, then leave them alone or say 'I'll be through there if you want me' 
  • Pop back after 5 minutes or so with one of their favourite biscuits
  • Put some soothing music on in another room
  • Make the lighting in the room soft
  • Don't suffocate them with your presence
  • Say to them you are going out to the garden to potter and suggest they come out to join  you if they wish.The peace and quiet of nature in a garden or during a walk can be instantly calming. 
  • Make sure you are working somewhere close to the window of the room they are sitting at so you can keep a quiet eye on them.
  • Once the individual has calmed down, encourage them to have an early night but place a hot water bottle in their bed this is a comforting tool'
  • If a lack of sleep has been the trigger of this behavioural blip, then it is important that the sufferer tries to get out of the habit of sleeping through the day because this can escalate the mental state of health
  • Usually after some peace and quiet, sleep and a good meal then the sufferer begins to feel what they classify as 'normal' 
  • Leave them to sleep until about 10, then gradually wake them up 
  • Leave a written list of activities or jobs that you would like them to do to help you and leave it at that. But they must be simple jobs, ones that are not too physical
  • During the next day, give the sufferer some space.
Our next post will give various suggestions if immediate support is needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                             In the meantime please help someone become part of your Community.    

On behalf of millions of people - thank you for taking time to read this post.       

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