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Universal Language

Universal language - 

We would be interested to know your answer . . 

A powerful language which all living creatures use but one which humans (who live in the modern world) tend to ignore or one that they do not realise can be more powerful, as well as so much less threatening than a days worth of conversation.

It is something for example that your own pet uses every minute of the day or elephants use when sensing their route for their daily meander, or something they use when they come across a carcass of their own kind, or something they sense when a neighbouring elephant has lost its' calf. Just as they sense what is good for them to eat and what is not, therefore instinctively and so naturally, but more importantly, teaching their young the same. Just as a herd of sheep or cattle know to head for shelter hours before a rain or snow storm is on the way or when they sense another is about to give birth, or just as an animal, who has been in distress, can sense who is 'safe' to be with and who is not, or as an animal who senses an another animal in distress will often try and help just as this link shows. Just as most animals can make their way to water (apart from most humans except for out back or tribal communities).

So why is it humans (who live in the modern world) have lost this unique art of using THE most powerful language of all 'Universal language' yet tribes and their families have not? The answer is simple really. Life in the modern world has become too easy, press a button and your heating, cooker, hot water, kettle, electric blanket, light and many other things go on.

Exactly the same ease happens when you walk down the aisles of shops or supermarket and your eyes or your own thoughts of what's easiest or quickest to cook take over and not your inner most senses or the basic animal instinct when, if used, instinctively would say no ' that's not good or healthy. Or on a different tack sensing what this person or that animal is feeling without having to ask them or without having to use our tongues by saying ' and what's up today then?'. Life in the modern world has taken a turn for the worse, but yet, if universal language was used as well as our own language then the contentment and understanding for each other, no matter the animal or breed, would be 100% better than it is today in both communicating with those with communication issues as well as letting our animal kingdom live in a much more understanding world and not one one where the majority live in fear or react because of the kind of language humans think or try try to instill in their animals as being acceptable behaviour, yet if an equal balance of communication skills were used then all animals and humans would be 100% more accommodating and considerate towards each other.

Often we, at Nature's Physician, are asked to resolve physical, internal health and psychological issues which humans are having with their animals (as well as within family units) and all that is required to resolve many of these issues is something that all animals utilize on a minute and daily basis -'Universal language' and an understanding of the same. These are THE most important tools that we ALL have, but sadly tend not to use to their full potential, perhaps because our world has become too easy but ultimately seems now to be controlled by the Powers that be within Pharmaceutical and Producers market. Okay, and what are these tools we can hear you saying. Well, it's simple, it's our eyes and ears and the way we use or position our body language at any given time, without using any verbal language at all.

However, it also seems that many domesticated animals have learnt to use their 'basic instinct' to their advantage. Perhaps we could list a few examples :

  • Many a cat knows to change it's purr when being or wanting stroked or if it wants some more food 
  • Many a dog knows to put on that 'puppy dog' look to get what he/she wants 
  • Pet sheep or calves know to bleat, or run round your ankles to get more attention/feed 
  • Horses know to pop their head over the feed room door for that extra treat 
Trusting larger animals also know how to tell you when they want something or where they want to be scratched as they gently sidle up to you so that the exact area where they wish their attention can be reached.

So could it in fact be that they are trying hard to show us that Universal language is possible for all to use!

Let's look at it from an other simple angle, an angle that many of you can possibly relate to. We are often asked to visit boisterous or disobedient dogs or supposedly disobedient dogs or perhaps we could be so bold as to say 'misunderstood' dogs. So, with this in mind let us set a scene. You knock on a door to a troubled canine home. An adult answers, but in the background racing to the door you can hear a dog and 3 children all desperately trying hard to see who it is. The adult then asks the dog to move as well as the children, some of them retreat to the nearest window but the others ignore what is being asked of them, however the dog manages to sneak between all the legs and is out the door before you can say boo to a goose! In the interim however the adult raises his/her voice to the children who have not moved and, in the same voice/pitch, asks the dog to move back but all ignore the request. But why? Could it be that there is regular shouting in the home to which the children have taught themselves to turn a deaf ear to, could it be that the dog is so used to this same tone as well as sensing that the kids ignore the request after the third or fourth time so why shouldn't he, or could it be that the correct pitch has not been used or indeed even thought about for the particular dog which would automatically relay ''I'd better do' pitch.

However, if we give the latter comment an extra thought, if a larger animal is being scratched or groomed and moves slightly in a different direction, sadly many humans move with the larger animal and continues to scratch where the human wants to scratch but does not seem to realize that the animal is actually moving to where he/she wants scratched.

On a different tack, there are numerous videos and you tube footage's of animals helping other animals when in distress, yet taking a prime example of 'the human state of mind' let's consider the tribes who have been chased out of their ancestral lands for wealthy Arabs to build their new 'dream houses' on, but without a single hint or indeed gesture of building the Tribes people a home or indeed shelters in exchange anywhere else, in fact the Tribes peoples houses have been burnt to the ground and they have been chased off the land? 

Each human has legs, a heart, lungs, a voice, a head, a brain and should, under most circumstances, be considered equal and their needs respected where necessary

Why has the majority of the Human world become so greedy, hurtful, dictatorial and controlling.

Another example, 100 years ago we had 200,000 elephants, now in China alone there are only approximately 4,000, and with 96 being brutally poached, murdered chainsawed to death on a daily basis it is likely that they will become extinct within 20 years - -  and why, because of complete and utter greed. So, the largest animals of our planet will undoubtedly become only a digital figment of our imagination and why, because of human greed. Did we create elephants in the first place? did we create rhino's? what makes the Powers that be think they should murder such animals that were put on our planet to walk and share it with us. Links to Elephant pages to support. 

Agreeably we may not be able to do much at the top of the power trees but what we can do is start to reintroduce Universal language within our own homes and surrounding environments

Why not start to make a difference to your world around you today – here are a few pointers.

  • Give your whole family a break from talking for half an hour a day, use expressions instead 
  • Encourage all to share the workload in the home, especially children and try kindly to reduce what you presently expect the elderly to do 
  • Take a gift to an elderly person who you know rarely sees anyone (link to suggestions for the elderly) or to support some one who has been taken in to hospital but whose family live far away and can't get to the hospital for a few hours
  • Take time to sit on the floor with your dog and be a dog with him or her, play and act like a dog instead of being at the end of a dictatorial lead or at the end of a patting hand 
  • Take time to sit in the paddock with your horse, cow or elephant and see how they could be made happier or what additional positive stimulation you could give them, especially if they are showing signs of negative behaviour 
  • Take time to play with your children on their level 
  • Take time to see the world from someone else s eyes no matter whether human or animal 

There are many more on our list of to do's but these will hopefully be a good base line for you all to start with.

Let's make a difference to the world around us and spread it so that it goes far and wide and just watch the positive ripple effect it will have on others whether man or beast.

On behalf of your own health, all children and animals of tomorrow and all those around you, to reduce the Cancers, the Skin Issues, I.B.S and Mental health issues, to mention just a few, please start today to create a healthier world for all NOW not tomorrow or the next day. If we don't do something about it now our present existence and state of health will be even more controlled than it is already. 

If you feel you would like to make a difference but can not see a way forward with an animal or human (young or old) please do not hesitate to ask us for help.

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