Wednesday, 16 September 2015

And to an update on Lauder Lass and the forewords in her book

As many of you know we work with a variety of animals and humans), one animal we  took on board because we knew she would have no other chance other than being sent to the 'Meat Man' but for her to experience the traumatic procedures for such a move would either have damaged a human or indeed human(s) or herself in the process, all because she was so, so scared of humans, and naturally so after all the damage that was clearly apparent as the time has gone on. 

Lauder Lass, with the help of all her friends and supporters wrote a book called Lauder Lass, the Horse who touched the hearts of many' which was given amazing Forewords by Juanita Wilson

Charles Muller publisher and Author, " Editor-in-Chief, MA (Wales). Ph.D (London), D.Ed (SA), D.Litt. (OFS). Dr Muller, formerly a Professor of English, is the author of academic books published by McGraw-Hill, Macmillan and Oxford University Press, and has served as the Editor of two journals of university English departments. He has also written and published a wide range of novels and inspirational books" - Quote from Diadem Books).

 and Mary Crockett Writer and Editor 

has gone way beyond many experts thoughts and imagination. Many experts in the Equine world (including Vets)  thought, she would never learn to trust again and should just be bulleted or released (but how any one could have got near her at the time to bullet her or release her was way beyond our nightmares of nightmares). She has had Expert Show jumpers, Hunters, Alternative practitioners and many heart filled lovely people visiting her over time. Many of them said, we wouldn't know where to start, or we wouldn't have the time but more importantly we wouldn't have the patience.  Is it not the case that it is the latter that seems to be out of most people's equation now, the speed of our every day lives has made us become greedy, impatient and intolerant to take time to understand. We all seem to be running against the clock with our fast cars, planes, bikes and motorbikes.

Yet given time, many, like Lauder Lass and the other animals and humans we have had the privilage of working with have all completely reaped the rewards of this 'patience, and giving each their voice and choice and understanding' but it's an understanding of who they are and not an understanding for what we want them to be or not to be that has won hands down each time, when other methods and traditional methods of categorising and shoving them from pillar to post just has not worked and indeed never will work, especially for such sensitive individuals as the ones we are asked to work with.  

Creating this book with Lauder Lass was truly inspiring because of the input from all her visitors. There were artists, who never realised they were artists, there were poets who never realised they were poets, then there were the extremely talented artists, Bill Haley being one of them and of course last but not least the incredibly talented poets. It's the age Group that also touched our heart strings, the youngest Artist was 5 and the youngest poet 6. The oldest artist was 82 and the oldest poet being 72. 

Here is a link to Lauder Lass's update - enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed spending every second of the hours bringing her on, in a way she understood and understands . .  she is indeed a true inspiration to many and through her many other animals have been understood in a totally different light. 

In the meantime if you wish to visit her or send her an email with questions then please feel free to do so. 

Thank you.

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