Monday, 28 September 2015

Weeks after week and £££'s spent on Vets to no avail, but after a day of guidance Jemma, the German Shepherd makes a speedy skin recovery

12 yrs old 
German Shepherd
Issue - Skin 

My German Shepherd Jemma who is almost 12 years old, has, on and off for about 6 years, been suffering with a painful, itchy, red raw lumpy elbow. Over the years we have paid a huge amount of money on vet treatment for her. We have tried various creams, ointments and steroids which did help a little. She has had some relief from this for quite a while until recently she lost her best canine friend, which seemed to trigger her skin issue off again, worse than ever before. So for the last 8 weeks we have spent £600 plus on vet treatments which made no difference at all. 

I had a very nice message from Judi from Nature's Physician asking how we were after the loss of our other dog Tia. I told her about Jemma's elbow and to my surprise, apart her from offering to Scan Jemma twice a day  she suggested we try the ointment not cream used to treat piles. I felt this was rather strange but since I trust Judi completely I decided to give it a try. After only one day of treatment applying the ointment twice, there was a huge improvement,  we continued twice daily then after about 10 days once daily. It's been almost 2 weeks now and Jemma's elbow is dry, no redness, no itching, not painful at all, so, as suggested by Judi, we are just applying the ointment every other day. .... I never would have thought of using pile ointment. A big thank you to Judi for helping to make Jemma's life so much more comfortable. 

These are the photographs which shows how quickly Jemma's sore has healed up, although, as can be seen we still have a bit to go, but after being under the Vets for x amount of weeks but with little difference, to see the change in this wound, thanks to Nature's Physician's suggestions after such a short period of time, is just wonderful. 

To see Jemma not being irritated by this horrible sore is such a relief and we hope that it can only get better and better from here on in. 

We are also, as suggested by Nature's Physician,  continuing to give her a set amount of Glycerin in her food which can be absorbed both internally and externally. 

If we had thought about contacting Nature's Physician at the beginning we could have had a much much happier dog and saved ourselves 1000's of pounds in the process. 

The Lesson in this, remember medication doesn't always work and that using an alternative way is always an option. Never give up trying and never give up looking for a way to resolve an issue.

Joan Richardson.

11th November 2015

We are so sorry to inform you that Jemma, the Aged German Shepherd has now gone over the other side of Rainbow bridge. Her wound healed up remarkably well but it was her inability to walk latterly that finally took her from her most loving and caring owners.  

Not only have we written a poem in tribute to her but one of our readers also posted one up, and in view of the fact that you have been following her progress we thought we would share them with you. For many you will know what it is like to lose a much loved, friend and companion. . .  

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