Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The 4 necessitates for a healthy life

The four necessities of life
for all living creatures

The Green Life - A Life filled with get up and go

  • Positive foods for each individuals chemical balance to enhance the best of Anatomical health and Well Being
  • Positive hobbies or interests to enhance the best of Physical and Mental Well- Being
  • Positive Communication Skills to enhance Mental and Financial Well-Being
  • 50/50 Understanding for all living creatures to enhance the lives of all around you and in the world

The Red Life - A life filled with sit down and stop
                          or your get up and go has got up 
                          and went! 

  • Negative foods for each individuals chemical balance results in negative Physical, Anatomical and Mental Health issues.
  • Negative hobbies, interests or addictions results in Mental, Physical and Anatomical Health issues
  • Negative Communication Skills results in poor Mental, Physical, Anatomical and Financial issues.
  • Lack of 50/50 communication skills results  in complete negativity around each living creature,

  • We are what we eat equates to 25% of a healthy individual
  • How we occupy our time equates to 25% of a healthy individual
  • How we communicate equates to 25% of a healthy individual
  • How we understand or are understood equates to 25% of a healthy individual


  • Do you consume the things that are healthy for your specific chemical balance or do your friends consume what is healthy for their system or do you want to know what is good for your specific chemical balance?
  • Do you have hobbies or interests or want to know what your latent hobbies or interests are?
  • Do you have problems or know someone who has communication issues? 
  • Do you understand every living creature from a 50/50 perspective or do you need guidance?
For without the above your world and those around you will continue to be grey or depressing, frustrating or filled with ill Mental, Physical and Anatomical health issues.

For further information, support or guidance contact us here or here

No matter the age, health issue or variety of animal all can be given better health as well as their voice and choice towards a healthier lifestyle if the above is adhered to. 

On behalf of many who are not given the above choice, thank you for taking time to read this post and on behalf of those who have been given a choice towards a better lifestyle keep encouraging others to do the same. 

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