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Could you help to encourage Asda/Walmart to support our Elephants future

Once again Asda is selling elephants, ornamental elephants as well as their bags with elephants printed on each side. 

After asking some of the staff if any of the profit, or even a penny per elephant bag or ornament, goes towards supporting the future of our elephants of the world, all of the staff said 'not as far as we were aware'.

After speaking to the staff for approximately 5 minutes each, they were extremely saddened by the reality of our elephants lives and did not realise that one was being brutally murdered every 15 minutes for their tusks nor did they realise the plight that many young calves are in after being left by their dying Mothers or the devastating way that our elephants of Nature's planet are treated to become either street beggars, circus ornaments for humans or  as symbolic icons in different countries often being chained and spurred, bull hooked and their spirits beaten totally out of them. 

A typical wound from pressure sores from belts and crates. 

Now if you read that last paragraph back, it didn't even take 5 minutes to write, so to narrow it down to a 2  minute conversation is not rocket science and would be very easy for anyone to write down in a letter, perhaps with a few photographs of our elephants suffering as they do on a daily basis, with the added footage that in 15 years the likely hood of only having digital elephants is great. 

However, all the staff we spoke to said, you should speak to Head Quarters, in fact you should speak to Asda House one of them said, almost as if he thought something like this might just get a chance of being heard rather than being filtered through the various departments and even then probably getting lost in the process!  

When you go on to Chief Inspector Google and type in Asda/Walmart or Asda Power Base both these sites and many of the others gives you an insight to the History of this Multi Billion business which rapidly seems to be taking over our greenbelts and starving our smaller retail stores of custom. 

Yet, for all the profits made,  how much of it actually goes back towards our Society or areas which are crying out for help. 

Here is one of the items found today, excluding the writing of course . . . . 

We have drawn Laxmi on this elephant,
partly because she looks like Laxmi
from Wildlife S.O.S

But then this ornament could also look like little Navaan. from Elephant Nature Park

there were other elephant ornaments, but with harnesses and decorated riding rugs on their backs. As you all know, probably from some of our previous writings on this Blog, Elephants absolutely do not have the anatomy to carry weights, metal crates or indeed humans on their backs so we refused, on principal to buy any 'dressed elephants'

However, now if you look at the anatomical picture below, 

you will note that our elephants do not have the same back bone structure in comparison with a horse for example, and that clearly elephants are not built for crates, or indeed cages to be tied on with ratchet straps as tight as possible, sometimes leaving wounds like this one which are often and very sadly hidden under rugs so that humans can't see them. 

Then of course there are the poor baby elephants who are often starved of life due to the type of killing or murderous actions their Mother have to endure . . 

Is it just that these massive Multi Billion Superstores such as Walmart, Asda's, Sainsbury's etc are not aware of the reality of the cry of our Elephants world or is it just that the 'Powers that be' are too interested in making a profit for their own benefit.

But someone, certainly in the Asda/Walmart World has thought about elephants before otherwise they would not have used elephants as their Logo or indeed their Marketer's would not have bought, probably thousands, if not millions of elephants like the ornament candle burner above, with a view to selling them, yet again completely and utterly for their own profit.

Just think, how many elephants could be helped if just 1 penny from each of the elephant bags or items sold went towards the annual keep of one of the above Elephants or the many others in dire need of help, medical or transport assistance. Or perhaps the money could go towards re-training the Mahouts towards sensitively showing them that kindness works ten fold better than cruelty. Another option could be to support Carol Buckley's Chain free Coral . .

Are you prepared to send a letter asking them to help to keep our elephants from becoming extinct, perhaps you could write to your nearest HQ for Asda's or Walmart or email or post a post on Asda or Walmart's facebook page. 

Perhaps you could use some other photo's or send something similar to this or do some research yourself and become as passionate about their future as if there was no tomorrow. 

We have an address for their head quarters in Leeds . .  as well as two telephone numbers . .

Asda House,
South Bank,
Gtreat wilson Street,

United Kingdom

LS11 5AD.

Telephone 0113 2417732  or 0113 2435432

Above all, always remember there is no harm in asking, after all they can only say yes or no . . .  

Remember, the more people who contact them, the more likely someone somewhere might just give in and say okay, we'll support, for example,  Elephant Nature Park for a year, as long as we can have a real life size picture of the elephant we are supporting so that we can stick it up on the entrance of our Stores!  . . wouldn't that just be wonderful if Laxmi or Raju from Wildlife S.O.S or Sunder or many of the others could be a life size picture as you waltz in to Asda's filled with pride knowing that they, thanks to all the supporters who wrote in, are supporting the future of our elephants. 
On behalf of all elephants thank you so much. 

As a complete opposite, we ended up going in to a another wee shop by default today, perhaps it was meant to be, and the lovely lady, after realising that we work to give all animals and humans their voice and choice, but especially elephants or individuals suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers or Autism or ADHD, gave us two gifts, but two identical gifts,  two special pendants - 'elephant stone' . .  they are beautiful and filled with as much strength and energy as the feel of elephant skin.

one is for us to work with and the other for us to use and leave for our elephants in India and Thailand. 

The difference - there we have a little shop, filled with care and a massive heart, making just a fraction in comparison with Walmart or Asda and she, with a complete passion for honesty, care for the survival of the ones under most threat but more importantly a 'kindred spirit' offers to give us two, and expensive, items free, because she feels the power and the cry for our elephants and animals of tomorrow. Thank you so much Julie and what a complete joy it was to meet you. 

On behalf of all who suffer . .  

But please, there are many more who are suffering ,
we can hear them, can you? 

Here are some more links to other Elephant Pages, please help to support them, even just by posting your thoughts. 

Thank you

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