Thursday, 16 May 2013

Breast pain

Menstrual/Pregnancy/Mastitis Breast pain
For those of you who have been pregnant you may remember your Mum or your Gran saying - put a leaf of raw cabbage on your breast to cope with the growing pain. Many say, I'm never going to do that, or yuk, what a thought. But having experienced this myself and having suggested it to many others in the past it DOES work. However, the only cabbage that we have found to be particularly beneficial is the flat (green) cabbage.

It can be a bit cold to start with, but you could always run it under a warm  tap for a second or so, but in all fairness it seems to be the heating up of the leaf of cabbage against your skin that eases the pains - so, if you suffer from Menstrual  or Pregnancy breast pain then do give it a try.

You may have to change the leaf after about 3-4 hours, (with the heat of your body it can have a bit of an smell after about 3 hours).

Additional uses for a cabbage

The juice from a cabbage can be used for ulcers

The juice from a cooked cabbage can also be used for upset stomachs.

Green cabbage leaves can also be used for anti inflammatory purposes, so eat some so that they can help from the inside out, or again you could place it on the swollen area, but when using it for this purpose make it in to a warm poultice so that it can treat the infection/inflammation of the joint or swollen area.

Don't use cabbage if you suffer from an  under-active thyroid though but it can be useful for those with an over active Thyroid.

Here is a useful link if you would like to learn a bit more about cabbage - Don't underestimate it though - it's extremely powerful..


Always have some flat green cabbage in the fridge.

We have also used and suggested this method for animals suffering from Mastitis, but the only problem that sometimes occurs is that they want to try and eat it!

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