Friday, 24 May 2013

Lip gloss/Products/Negative Chemicals

Over the years we have come across many individuals, both men and women, who have suffered from chapped lips, mouth ulcers skin/nail or hair issues. The majority of these individuals have used some form of 'PRODUCT' or another for decades and it is only once they stop using . . . . . .. . see more - this is a link to our fairly new facebook page.


  1. A message sent in via facebook from Dawn a lady we have been giving guidance and support to for her skin, nails and hair and. In connection with the above link:

    Dawn wrote: "My nails are now SOooooo strong I had to cut them this week as they had grown too long!!! Hasn't happened naturally before as the so called strengthening products left them weak and flaky so they just used to break all the time. Thanks "

  2. Dawn, thank you so much for commenting on our recent facebook page, I know you have talked about the great improvement in many aspects of your health but it's lovely to have it in writing for others to read as well. Thank you.