Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spread the word worldwide - Help our Elderly become unlocked

If you are passionate about helping people to communicate and happen to find yourself helping an individual who is in a 'care home' and using tools such as large picture books, why not take in a few books other than the one that the person you are going to see would like and let some of the other immediate neighbours who may be sitting next to the person you are visiting enjoy them as well - for example -  A book of garden flowers, perhaps one of Royalty, and another on animals - elephants are always a great hit. This will absolutely encourage joint conversations and expressions, it will encourage others not to earwig so much, but more importantly it  will give them all additional stimulation. Please spread the word and encourage others to help not only themselves but others as well, no matter their situation.

Let us all join in to help 'unlock' all those who have, out of no choice of their own, become locked in.  If you need guidance as to how or where to start, feel free to message us.

If you find that the individual you are visiting can't talk at all, PLEASE don't talk for them, encourage their expressions to talk to you by using your own expressions. Discover from a Member of their family what type of Music they like, get a copy of it, and pop it on to a cd, find some ear plugs, test the volume yourself first and ask, visually whether they would like to hear some music by placing the ear phones on your own head first, and then, acknowledge them with a nod or a shake of the head and SLOWLY place the ear phones on their ears. If one side of their face reacts badly then it is too  loud, reduce the volume. Watch their facial expressions at all times. After a few tracks give their ears a break, because often they wont have had this form of sound in their ears for a long time - Imagine yourself in their shoes, A SILENT WORLD then all of a sudden they hear what they used to hear and enjoy so much. If they smile, smile back, perhaps with an over exaggerated smile, because often their sight can be poorly

Many people think some individuals are deaf, but often they choose to be deaf because no one interacts with them in a way that is understandable to them.

On behalf of many please help us to help others. Come back to us once you have started this as a chain and add what you have found helps, because it may well help others.

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