Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Confirmed again that some foods cause cancer

It's so reassuring to come across yet another site confirming that some foods cause cancer.

More scary than that was Radio 2's programmed with Jeremy Vine this afternoon between 12.00 and 14.00  take the cursor to 01.40 mins in and sit back and listen to Jeremy speaking to Maurice Saatchi about his experience with Cancer which sadly took his wife. Our thoughts go out to Maurice and all who have experienced the same and we thank them for sharing their story with us.

If you end up taking or choosing Chemo it is undoubtedly an invasive drug and can often fight with the food we eat so although you would generally (when not on treatment) not react after eating certain foods these same foods can give us a negative effect. But on the other hand there are certain foods that do not fight with the treatment, but again it depends on your individual chemical balance as to which these are.

Also discussed was how your immune system can often never return to normal after treatment because of the Chemo concoction  having killed off a large number of healthy cells as well as unhealthy, and this is one of the keys where it is absolutely essential to know which foodstuffs can help each individuals chemical balance and not to assume that all foods are good for you after having such medication. As we have already discussed in various posts and pages throughout this Blog various sugars, natural and otherwise can trigger additional issues and often not help your immune system. We can not stress enough that you must try and give your own body what it needs for ITSELF to heal and recuperate which in turn  will speed the healing process up.

If you are going through treatment at the moment please give your body this chance, and help others to benefit in the same way.

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