Thursday, 30 May 2013


SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK (this will come round again)


Hi, we would on behalf of all animals and humans, like to personally invite you to our unique dedicated and passionate Group which is totally geared towards allowing all/more animals and humans having a voice with a view to them living in a happier and more understanding (of their needs) world.

We are absolute believers that every animals has it's own voice and although many say for example a dogs a dog or an elephant is an elephant, each and every animal has its' own key, and this is why this Group is so unique, just as each and every member within it is unique. Each and every one of us are all keen to concentrate on giving ALL animals a voice, no matter whether they are tame or wild. If we, as a Group, stand strong, and learn from each other then we have the chance of helping millions of other animals but who are presently in an extremely controlling and suffocating world.

So without further ado here is a wee 'To do list'

The idea is to share as many issues as possible so that others can learn from them

If after a while you would like to associate yourself or link yourself to our 2013 Global Health Campaign we would be happy to supply you with our Logo on which you could place a link and we would of course reciprocate.

The Plan is, at this early stage anyway, to have 5 different Departments


Once a fortnight a participants name will be pulled out of a hat and be given the chance of a 30 minute private or public consultation via FB or Skype - FREE


Where we can post or meet as a Group to discuss common issues and jointly or individually resolve them - similar to that of an open forum - FREE

3 ONE to ONE Consultations with you and your pet/animal

Initially three times a week Judi will be available for in depth (one to one if desired) Consultations and ultimately producing an analysis and a structured procedure list to resolve an issue that individuals are experiencing with either a wild or tame animal. As an example this could cover a skin/health/behavioural/ abuse issue.

After receiving and carrying out the suggestions from the issues discussed at the One to one Consultations, it will be up to the individual whether he/she would like their story to go public within this Group. There is an advantage to this - it could help someone else in a similar situation and give them hope. If we can always remember the Motto or the name of this Campaign ' Help yourself, others and all animals Campaign 2013' then your decision should be fairly easy. However, we will all respect your wish if you decline from this suggestion or wish to keep it in total confidence.


This is a Service we absolutely provide for all URGENT cases so please feel free to contact us at any time, there will always be someone up who can contact a Member of Admin.

As a member, you will have access to preferred rates for one-to-one services specific to this Site.

Loyalty Benefits ( 2013 members)

After 3 months of consecutive Membership and on a participating bases you will be given the opportunity of either a 30 minute one to one call with Judi or a member of your choice from Admin. You will also be supplied with the basics of a diet sheet for either you, your or a friends pet/wild animal or Safari Animal. So if, whilst surfing the net, you come across an Animal in dire straights, please keep its' future in mind and encourage the owner/caretaker to contact us.

There will be two monthly rewards for your pet or another animal (wild/tame)

1 For the individual who participates the most
2 For the individual who invites the most people to this Group and as a result of this more animals will be given the choice to have a voice.

If you wish to book either half an hour or an hour Consultation period you can either contact us through FB or email after which time we can arrange a time to suit (worldwide friendly)

Last but not least we do most sincerely hope that everyone who has a deep passion towards helping humans and animals towards a healthier life, will enjoy being part of this open and friendly Group and that our Mission of helping animals will have spread it's massive angelic wings by this time next year - fingers crossed, it's down to us so let's go for it.

Yours passionately

Judi Gunn

For those who know all the things we cover and appreciate the amount of hours that go in to dedicating our lives to helping animals and humans communicate there is the opportunity for you to donate a gift. If you wish to do this then we will forward you a link.

If you feel you would be interested in joining please comment or email as at

Here's to a healthier and happier world -

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