Saturday, 26 July 2014

Further good news for Sunder the elephant who had been a gift but brutally abused

For those of you who have been following Sunder the wonderful elephant who had been given as a gift yet brutally abused, beaten and starved of natural elephant food 

we were delighted to come across this up to date piece of news . .  . he now wanders with a girlfriend . . .  Sunder you so, so deserve this . . . as our facebook page stated  " Sunder your dream has come true now, your freedom to roam, your freedom to be an elephant and not a slave is real, you are not in a dream . . . your long patient wait for that little glimmer of light at the end of your painful tunnel has indeed become a beacon, a beacon of warmth from many people's hearts as well as a beacon of natural daylight and elephant frolics - - enjoy for the rest of your life . . . you are young with plenty years ahead to be naturally part of a herd. . . how wonderfully relieved we all feel". 

Thank you to NDTV for taking Sunder's story on board and for the photo

Thank you also to Brandy and Wildlife S.O.S for keeping us updated if we miss on a posting. 

Sunder video clip 2015

Here is a link to other Elephant links . . please take a look and comment to spread the word that more and more people are supporting all the elephants who do not have access to freedom. On behalf of many who have suffered and passed on and those who continue to suffer . . .thank you.

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