Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A third of Alzheimer's and Dementia cases could be preventable ..

Are you going to try hard to prevent yourself from suffering from, what are often considered as extremely frustrating illnesses, or are you wanting to protect your children from suffering later on in life, the choice is ours 

More and more people are suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia and other debilitating health issues,

Apart from the below and the Links therein being interesting reading we strongly believe the chemicals hidden in the foods that the Producers Market have encouraged us to buy also plays a major role in all health issues. 

From the years of working with food stuffs we also strongly believe that certain meats are a contributory factor towards Alzheimer's Dementia and other health issues.

Very few of the Public are aware of what these animals are either injected with or indeed are given as food to eat themselves when living.

Perhaps we could encourage every one to go on line just for 5 minutes to see what a negative food chain we are at the end of . . .or perhaps we should say 'in the middle of'

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