Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another take on Microwave ovens, Medicines, Food . . in brief

Microwave ovens, Doctors, Food, Medicines . . . In this brief interview Dr Leonard Coldwell touches on some very interesting points - it doesn't take long to listen to but there are some positive messages - take 2 minutes out to listen to it . . . ..

A random question for you - how many people heat their baby's bottle up in a microwave? could this be why some of our babies these days always seem to be hungry?

Another random question for you - after about an hour of having had a microwave meal do you still feel hungry?

If the above questions are true for you, why not put your microwave away for a few days and note the difference or would you feel the same without it as you would without your mobile phone?

Food for thought perhaps . . .

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