Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Don't let your pet suffer illnesses any longer . . we are here to help

Countless animals are suffering from a wide variety of health issues, some of these illnesses  are mentioned above. Many of these animals are helped by medication from your Vet, however, there are many who continue to suffer and the medication prescribed just does not work. 

Some people would prefer to treat their animal naturally with natural foods/liquids and not invade their pets/animals bodies with chemicals or medication which, on the odd occasion can cause negative side effects. 

If you are one of these people who would like to give your animal or much loved pet this natural chance to feel better, look better, connect better we are here to help. 

Feel free to visit our animal case study page 
or our Animal Support page  or email us at LINK EMAIL

As per our page 'Your next step' we would ask you to email us with brief details of the issue in hand, the animals Date of Birth, as well as a profile and full photograph of your pet.

The fee for your Pet to be given an analysis chart - £35.00 but this can be discussed upon your first port of contact

Consultation Payments

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