Saturday, 26 July 2014

More proof that beef is a negative for many

Delighted to read this LINK from Natural News as additional confirmation to our beliefs that Beef IS one of THE most environmentally harmful animal products not just in America but world wide especially where there is human interference or pharmaceutical control as well as where their forage is grain or straw which has been sprayed by numerous chemicals to increase tonnage. . all for financial gain . 

We also believe that Lamb is second to being one of the most harmful products  - -  it is also maintained in the same way as Beef. 

Each and every one of us has our own specific chemical balance which each food we consume has a different effect on, from the many health issues we have been asked to help with the health issues that have been dramatically improved by stopping a humans intake of beef and lamb are many, but here are just a few - 

Skin issues

Acid reflux

Bowel issues

Stomach issues

Cancer of the bowel


Mental tiredness/exhaustion



Mood swings

Hyper activity

On the animal front by stopping or at the very least reducing beef and lamb the behaviour of a dog for example can remarkable improve . . and the health issues mentioned above also decrease.

Any animal who is having any of the above health issues and who is being fed from Beef derivatives should, as far as we are concerned should have beef and lamb taken out of their diet . 

If you require help with your health issue or indeed your animal or pet health issue please feel free to contact us. Please don't let someone you love suffer help them live a healthier life as of today. On behalf of many who have suffered and gone before us, thank you. 

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