Tuesday, 7 October 2014

An act of random kindness goes much further than you can ever imagine . .

Having seen a post this morning LINK we decided to share it on our facebook page. But for those of you who do not have access to facebook we thought we should also share it here in the hope that it might help some one or an animal in despair. 

"How many of you would go out of your way to give someone or an animal something that he/she needed". An Act of Random Kindness goes much further than you can ever imagine . . 

Have you ever looked in your cupboards to see the excess food on your shelves and at the same time thought about those individuals or animals who, not by their own doing, are completely struggling with little or no food or clothes. 

More and more people have nothing and food banks are more and more common all over the world, why not take something out of your over loaded cupboards and take it to a centre or school where the food is collected, or take it to an animal centre, or an area in your closest town where you know there is strife, or take a prepared dog dinner in a bowl for a dog that you have frequently seen wandering that looks drawn to the bone, or throw a mango or a banana in towards an elephant, or a carrot or a fallen eating apple in towards a starved looking horse- on behalf of many. . . . thank you for taking time to read this post.

Please, consider what is on your shelves and if you can spare just one can, or even a packet of crisps or a bottle of water or a banana please give it to some one in need. On behalf of them - thank you".

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