Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Broken souls, beaten and unloved elephants need your help . .

We would firstly like to thank our 17,200 viewers for looking at the articles which interest you the most within this Blog, but we were wondering, for all the work we put in to help all animals and humans, whether you could help us by taking  2 minutes out of your time today to help the elephants at this zoo. 

 The You tube footage below shows the elephants at the Zoo being treated in an uncaring, impatient way and with a total lack of respect for these poor elephants.

These animals don't ask for much just a little time, care and understanding. ON behalf of them thank you so, so much.

If everyone of you signed it their lives as well as many young elephants could be released and have a much healthier future.  

A BROKEN SOUL, STARES FROM A PAIR OF SCARED EYES....tell Mysore Zoo in India, that their recent treatment of baby elephants, and any kind of animal abuse, will NOT BE TOLERATED...on behalf of this poor little elephant and the other ones who can be seen cruelly treated at this Mysore Zoo (aptly named !) please, please sign below

Petition form - - please, please sign -  these unique and dreadfully treated animals need your help - -   

We will keep you posted re any updates. 

And as for our dreadfully poor Asian Elephants - PLEASE be forewarned that the video in the posting below is seriously violent. It is the actual breaking ceremony that for decades has been a reality for every captive elephant in Asia. If you decide to watch the video please guard your heart - Carol Buckley. Our Asian elephants desperately need support and their poor voices heard - -

LINK to Video Footage of a heart and spirit being broken by sadistic, uncaring and greedy individual. 

As much as you will not enjoy this footage, the World needs to see how sadistic and cruel these people can be and that a stop needs to be put on all of this. Please Share it . . .On behalf of all these broken spirited awesome creatures of Nature and of our Planet - thank you

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