Sunday, 26 October 2014

The re-uniting of two kindred spirits - a Horse called Lauder Lass and a Human called Julie

We witnessed the re-uniting of these two special individuals the other day, after which Julie decided to post a beautiful comment on the total transformation in this very special Member of the Equine world. Lauder Lass has now taught many individuals that all animals, no matter what they have been through, can be communicated with. She has encouraged and taught many different generations how to approach an animal when many other individuals wouldn't know where to start or are too frightened to even attempt to help to communicate with such a scared animal. 

Already there are students out there  who have shared time with Lauder Lass and who have since succeeded in approaching what are often considered unapproachable animals and for this we thank her. We know now that from their experiences that other animals will forever be given a chance and hope that any future generations of these special individuals will also be encouraged to have a similar approach allowing other animals in the future to be given their voice and choice. 

Lauder Lass you are an inspiration to many and a joy to be amongst. Bless you. 

 Two very special individuals meet again . . .

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