Friday, 3 October 2014

We are declaring this weekend as a 'Make someone happy weekend'

We are re-posting this today just as a wee gentle reminder. The only addition we would like to say is, without rain our plants don't grow, without tears we can not heal . . rain is healthy and for all individuals crying is healthy no matter whether you are a woman or a man.

Like plants they become stronger after being watered, we also become stronger after facing our upsets or confusions, without, our vision can become blurred and our pathways to a healthier future unclear.

Let's make this weekend a clear weekend for all, cheer someone up who you know may be down, take a flower to someone you love, pick a few brambles and take them to an elderly friend, weather permitting why not take that wonderful person out for a wee stroll who hasn't managed out for long enough. Why not take your dog or pup round to visit someone who can't keep a dog any more, or why not offer to take an elderly persons dog out for a walk, or visit an elderly persons horse or pet cow who perhaps doesn't get the same kind of attention due to the persons ailing health or if you are near a baby elephant who isn't feeling brilliant or is a bit down or lonely, give him or her some gentle maternal strokes with your thumb and first finger at the side of the top of his or her tail all the way down to the bottom of the tail, or give him or her a few gentle scratches inside the hind legs -

We declare this a 'make someone happy weekend'. - go on make someone smile - please pass it on - On behalf of many - thank you

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