Monday, 20 October 2014

Intimidating letters . . . .

How many Companies -Large and Small -  send out intimidating letters, ones where you find your self being bullied, intimidated, scare mongered or filled with anxiety, fear, and upset to the point where you suffer from exhaustion, sickness all of which can effect your daily life as well as others in the process. 

Sometimes these letters are just but often they are not.  

For the ones that are truly unjust some people are too frightened to respond and just follow the rules of the intimidating letter because they just don't want the hassle. Others hum and haw over phoning the relevant Company but have to find a moment when they are feeling confident so that they wont be bulldozed by the person at the other end of the phone. However nine times out of ten it's a computer who answers your call and half an hour later you find yourself running out of patience, sometimes only being given the option of going on line, but at others, eventually a human replies. You tell them the story only to discover you are speaking to the wrong department, so they forward you to another department, often losing you in the process, so it becomes an action replay scenario. You phone  again, after another half an hour you end up speaking to a totally different person and you have to repeat the whole story again. In the meantime your patience is running out and  your confident moment is waning! 

Sometimes the humans at the other end are accommodating  and caring but sometimes they are more like humanoids! paid to do a job and if they don't do it as the Company dictates then their jobs can be jeopordised (Especially in foreign Countries) 

Little do we all realise that many of these intimidating letters are automatically printed by computers, then zapped through a 'franking machine' without perhaps the address or postcode even being checked by a human.

However, with few letters coming through the doors these days courtesy of  the Internet et al, these horribly intimidating letters seem even worse and can cause disruptions in all corners of your life leaving the important tasks of your normal day on the back burner in an unjustly manner.

For those who are strong enough to fight their corner often justice is heard but only after much correspondence, many a phone call and expensive Lawyers letters, Appeals or time consuming research to prove that the Companies were actually wrong. 

However, in the interim, possibly because of the potential delays between the responses, if you get any that is, the  computerized letters are still being churned out and often after x amount of warnings via the computer which has not been told to stop by a human then sometimes these cases can be then sent to Debt Collecting Agencies.

You may find yourself writing to them as well as the original Company but perhaps because the two rarely seem to communicate letters are still being churned out, no matter the amount of phone calls, letters or emails you organise. 

As each letter arrives you become sick and fed up of it all, some individuals or groups perhaps can not afford to fight their corner perhaps because of the Legal Fees and think  ' well actually  we would be cheaper just paying what ever it was just for the sake of it or, for some people the stigma of such letters can prove to be just too much, others suffer major health issues in the process and find it all too much to handle with the easiest option being just to keep these Companies happy by accommodating, under duress, their demands or ultimately the Summons (which  by this time could also include the Legal Fees ) that has been perhaps served on them.

Our first question in this scenario  is  

" So what do all these Companies do with all this free money they have earned by scaremongering people?" Do they have an account called ' Intimidation funds or winnings' or does it just get pushed under the carpet or used as Bonus's at the end of the year! 

For those who are strong enough and able to afford the fees of the relevant professionals or who have the time to research and collect all the relevant information together in defence of the case rarely do the Companies ever offer any form of apology to all involved or indeed offer any form of compensation for the complete inconvenience and incompetency incurred by the Company in the first place. Instead they try and brush it under the carpet almost as if to say, ' well aren't you lucky you are not having to pay it' yet put the boot in the other foot what would their retort be. 

This post absolutely confirms that  if you believe you are right, absolutely stick to your guns but make sure you have enough proof and evidence and do your research before hand. Do not feel intimidated by these small or large Companies . . have a couple of genuinely supportive people behind you just to give you the occasional 'you're okay and right in what you are doing' behind you and you WILL succeed. 

Above all stay strong no matter how much they push you, if you are right, you are right end of. 

To be continued . . . 

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