Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Back on to the pictures of Elephants on Superstore bags . . .not a % goes towards the future of our elephants of tomorrow.

A post from our facebook page :

Back on to our elephants future and knowing how passionate we all are that our elephants do not become extinct in 20 years time, we were saddened to walk along a street today to see posters stuck up in numerous shop windows supporting the cost of all plastic bags . . . "Remember me and save 5p" was written on one of them, but once again a picture of an elephant was on it . . .

Researching this further we discovered this link to additional photographs https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=scottish+government+plastic+bag+poster&biw=1272&bih=640&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=UXpJVK6oIIG07QaUhoHQBw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ relating to the cost of plastic bags but also using a picture of an elephant on numerous of them. . . . do take a look and forward your thoughts or perhaps even share this post and let's see if we could encourage The Scottish Government to put just a small percentage towards our largest walking animal of our planet of which far too many are being brutally murdered on a daily basis for their ivory leaving many young calves dying at their sides or being hijacked and brutally treated all to become street beggars or circus animals

A question - do you think the Scottish Government would consider putting a percentage towards the future of our elephants?

Humans will be around for a while yet, elephants wont be . . . perhaps even if they could put a small amount of support towards the future of the elephants say for the next ten years - it would at least be a token gesture.

A reply to this post was : If we had better people protecting them then they wouldn't be endangered. Poachers should be shot on site. Also if we finally sorted out all the problems in Africa and third world countries then we could protect even more endangered species.

Our reply ; 

Thank you for your comment Darren Moir . The majority of the people protecting the elephants in the wild do a tremendous job, however there are the odd who clearly leak out information, The poachers are often tribesmen, who can read the land and get paid little for what they do, it is the people who pay them and those who organise such massacres, some of these people in 'Power ' are from all over the world and out for just pure greed end of. However it is not just the elephants in the wild who need long term security it is those who are severely treated and beaten during training purposes for 'human entertainment such as Circus's, elephant rides, street beggars etc - this is something that many Countries are now banning, but Britain or the powers that be in Britain are not putting a stop to. 

100 years ago we used to have 200,000 elephants in China alone, now there are only 4,000, 1,700 in Sanctuaries or at Lek Chairlets and similar places and the rest . . . well many of the remainder, you don't want to know about because it would break your heart! . . It doesn't take much to tally up how many we will have in 20 years time . . . Take a look at Abused elephant Sunder's Fan Club or Raju the elephant as pure examples or this link - of which there are many other Elephant links 

A few days later and having been asked to go in to another super store today for someone else - this is what we saw! having gone in, paid for and filled a non asda bag up with the few bits and bobs, we decided to ask the Counter Assistants if they knew which charity the cost of these bags were going towards . . 6 of them were asked and none of them knew! Upon being guided towards a Supervisor, he went to go and ask as he did not know either - his reply was ' a percentage goes to local Charities and the rest goes to Government!! there was this large banner, as well as a mini poster and a stand up cardboard picture at each counter - and not a penny goes to wards our Elephants of tomorrow . . Each of these signs have Scottish Government located on each picture - - letter's to MP's could be in hand here . . . they could be supporting our Elephants cries and just cause . . . . more photo's above of Asda's ones . .

And Sainsbury's - a penny per bag per individual who crosses their doorstep wouldn't go a miss either. From a previous article written we believe there have been a number of letters written to Sainsbury's about supporting our elephants of tomorrow . . would you be prepared to do the same?http://helpyourselfandotherscampaign2013.blogspot.co.uk/...

And Mc Donald's . . . . the footfall alone in Mc Donald's could surely support one penny per bag for our elephants of tomorrow . .

And at the Co-op Counters - - - again - - Scottish Government Logo next to our Poor elephants - - how much thought truly went in to the creation of these posters . . . .who was it that decided on an elephant!

It doesn't take much to see how poorly we are treating the long term seriousness of our Elephants existence.  http://helpyourselfandotherscampaign2013.blogspot.co.uk/...

An example of the other side of a Sainsbury's bag - However the anatomy of an Elephants back is not strong enough to cope with the heavy loads that humans cruelly train them to carry and often they can suffer long term both physical and mental damage from the torture that humans inflict on them.

At least Klondyke state where their money goes! 

Another comment in - The 5p charge is not a tax so the Scottish Government doesn't collect the money. It is up to the retailers what they do with it and most have announced they will donate to various charities. Reply to this comment - Yes, but they have still permitted their logo to be placed at the bottom of many of the bags with Elephants on them which in a way connects the two together. With regards the Elephants of our planet it will soon be a case of 'Remember me' because there will be none left.

Please if you feel strongly about the future of our elephants please, please support them . .here is a LINK to other Elephant facebook pages,  . .   thank you

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