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Nature's Physician's general update . .

Nature's Physician's update . .

It seems we have been posting individual posts for quite a while now when in fact it is perhaps time we gave you all an update on the various things we have been up to and do. But before we go on, we would like to perhaps prepare you with the thought that we consider that all humans are classified as animals and hope that you do not take offence by this. 

There was a time, many moons ago, when we were sensitive to some humans taking offence at this thought so we rarely (unless we felt the human was open minded enough!) connected the animal world with the human world, but now, and thanks to the amount of work we have carried out, there is a clear connection between humans and animals with regards to their mental and physical state of health and overall contentment. 

Instead of you having to trawl back to earlier posts and just in case you didn't know,  we very much consider each individual animal as a unique individual in every sense of the word. To put this simpler, we each have our individual key, similar to the key that fits your own car and the one that fits your neighbours, each one is different, just like your front door key is not the same as your neighbours. Or perhaps another example, if you put diesel in to a petrol car what happens? It coughs and splutters, or if you put petrol in to a diesel car what happens, nine times out of ten you would have to change the filters, the same applies to each different type of food we eat, each fruit, vegetable, variety of meat, bread or milk can change our individual chemical balance, just as too much amalgam or metal based fillings in your mouth can cause health issues just as emotional upset can also trigger health issues off, so join everything together and we are potentially like individual time bombs and if put bluntly, self chosen destructing time bombs!

The difference between an animal and human being, for example, a horse knows instinctively not to eat ragwort – unless it's starving and has nothing else to eat infront of it but it also instinctively knows to eat specific hedgerow greens if it isn't feeling well. Just as an elephant would prefer to eat a mango to popcorn, but if mango's are not supplied by humans and popcorn is, then it will have no option but to eat the popcorn! With humans, if food is supplied in beautiful looking packages from our superstores and as we are continually racing against the clock the easiest option is to buy beautifully packaged quick or speedy dinners! This being one of the many reasons for a variety of health issues many of us are having to endure these days. The same illnesses often, because this is how our forefathers and mothers solved health issues,  end us up on the Doctors doorstep and coming back across the same doorstep with a handful of medication (of which a % automatically goes towards each Doctor that writes the prescription as well as to the Pharmaceutical Companies of course). 

Let's take much of our precooked or prepacked ready meals, they also are riddled with preservatives, but where do many of them come from, or another example, did you know that most Distillers are owned by Pharmaceutical Companies, so with just this small bit of information it doesn't take that much to see that we, as humans, are absolutely, living in the centre of a Pharmaceutical World and are totally persuaded to buy what looks good but this doesn't necessarily mean that it is healthy, in fact it shows 100% that we are controlled by others and not by the 'basic animal instinct' which is, believe it or not in each and every one of us. It also shows, that Animals (non Human animals) are actually healthier than us, and why? Because they use their animal instinct, apart from those who are dictated to by humans and what we mean by this is that we often think we know what is best for our dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, ducks, hens, etc etc, but in fact often we are introducing these animals to the same kind of poison that we have been brain washed in to buying. 

The other thing that absolutely matters to all animals is 50/50 understanding, but sadly this is something, once again, that many humans seem to have lost over time, in fact they have almost gone to the opposite end of the scale in that it's the humans way or no way! hence the massive amount of misunderstandings within Families, Youngsters, Teenagers, the Elderly, Workplaces, Business's, Politics, in fact you name it, every where that is human related seems to have  Dictatorial or Domineering methods at the core.

However, by using 50/50 within the home, at work, at play with the young, the elderly and troubled animals has absolutely proven to work wonders and although we continue and will always promote 50/50. We just so, so wish more Business's, Education Departments, Workplaces and especially Political Sectors, Money spinning Ventures like Zoos in particular would take 50/50 understanding on board. 

Thanks to the people and of course all the animals we have worked with 50/50 understanding is spreading and will continue to do so thanks to the many who have experienced the positive changes, both physically and mentally, within their lives and their relationships with not only their families, workmates, but also their pets and wild animals. 

Well folks, all we can say is, keep spreading 50/50 and please, for the sake of your own health, your loved ones and of course your animals health, please, start to listen to your basic instincts. However, if you are unclear of how to do this or need help or guidance on where to start or need guidance on your diet or your ailing or confused child or elderly relative or pet or wild animal feel free to email us

Thank you for taking time to read this post and we hope it will perhaps just make a few more people more aware of the controlling world we live in and that it is indeed up to us to change what is on our shelves not the producers. Without doing this we will continue to be brain washed in to believing all the food on our shelves are healthy for us! 

Our world needs to become a Peoples world not a Dictatorial world.

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