Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Mother's Loss . . .

Posted on behalf of a lovely lady who has lost her child.

This post is filled with positive energy for all who have gone through this dreadfully sad experience.

In memory of all who have been taken from us in this way, Please do feel free to add words of support in the hope that it will give others courage to cope as well as courage to those who have been caught up in such a detrimental web or captured in the carousel of an addiction

Let us all help to positively re-direct those who have found themselves on the wrong track or on the track filled with loss. . but encourage them in a way that they can cope with, not in a way that is dictatorial otherwise they will continue travelling on the track they are on,

On behalf of many, thank you so much for reading this post.

Thank you to the Person who forwarded this link . . .  a very useful link, one that should be available in all parts of the world with out negative judgment from 'traditional forms of Education.

If you feel you have been captured in this awful web but so desperately want to crawl out of it or are being drawn towards this negative web, please, please ask for help from someone who understands you for you, don't think you are on your own, because you are not, there are literally millions of people who have, due to individual and often personal circumstances whether it be due to early bullying, family issues or issues within your Educational Years, been drawn to this web. Perhaps this Link might Help you . . Red Balloon of the Air

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