Saturday, 15 November 2014

Be prepared this winter

In preparation for Winter

For humans :

Make sure you have :

For Adults

1 Plenty vegetables for soup
2 A stove or camping stove to heat water or make soup
3 Plenty blankets
4 Hot water bottles
5 Logs/coal or enough fuel for heating
6 Candles
7 Books or something that is non electrical in the event your     

   computers go down.
7 Indoor games for kids (non electrical ones)
8 A wired telephone in the event of a power cut( not a cordless one)
9 Grippies for you wellies

From children  
- the following are suggestions from  children from the age of 8 - 13

1 Lots of non electrical games, Board Games, Jenga, Colouring 
   pencils and paper
2 Sweets in the cupboard
3 Hot water bottles
4 Frozen food
5 A WORKING torch
6 A sledge and a shovel to carry the shopping if necessary (to help 
7 Spare nappies
8 Hats and gloves

For Animals

1 Spare rugs/dog coats
2 Spare food
3 Always have a spare bale or two of hay
4 Make sure they have somewhere undercover or somewhere that 
   is dry/warm for them to lie on or that they have a water proof rug 
5 Fresh non frozen water otherwise they could suffer from 'tummy 

Above all make sure you keep an eye on all elderly individuals, perhaps save a mug of soup for them. Always check that their curtains are open on a morning and that they are shut on an evening, if they are not, please make sure they are okay. Perhaps you could also remember that although you might be able to go outside and do your shopping, for many other individuals they might not be able to get out, but more importantly for the less fit people a day without seeing any one at all can make for an extremely long and boring day . . please, do try and fix up a rota between fit,kind and caring neighbours to pop in to see any one who is housebound. 

Thank you.

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