Sunday, 23 November 2014

We are so proud of Student Cherise Haliburton

From some of our previous posts you will all perhaps be aware of a wonderful student who asked to shadow us through this past summer. Part way through she discovered a course at Northern Racing College where she was accepted to attend a 'Jockey Course'. Knowing fine, like any new chapter in ones life,  there would be hurdles, both personal and physical for her to cross. However due to her natural stamina and ability to work with any Member of the Equine world she has been keeping us regularly updated on her progress. 

Seeing this photograph, and noting her relaxed left hand, her natural seating is plain to see and completely confirms to us that she will indeed go far in her future with horses.

Cherise has a dream and we know in our heart of hearts that that dream will indeed become a reality for her and we can't wait to see how far along this 'dream road' she will be in ten years time. In fact she will, in reality go well beyond her dream. 

Go for it Cherise and never give up. 

We are so, so proud of you. 

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