Sunday, 1 December 2013

A question often asked. . . where do we get our energy from?

 ' Where do you get your energy from and how do you manage to work so many hours?' Well as one of our amazing colleagues always says " always do and think things in 3's"  so, with this in mind  here are what we consider to be our three main answers" 

  1. Partly because we eat and drink only what our systems  require and do not eat what could have a negative reaction to our energy levels.
  2. We are absolutely passionate about giving all a voice as well as better all round health,  no matter whether our Clients are Human or Animal.
  3. Much of our work is managed in a 'virtual sense' which means we often need to work in the same time zone as our Clients. 
But mostly it is our dedication and commitment as well as the positive results that gives us the energy to keep going. 

We also feel quite strongly that when our 'immediate' world is at rest there is more positive energy in our immediate atmosphere, in other words, less static, less phone calls, Emails as well as less general interruptions, all which can lead to distractions as well as delays.

If you feel you would like to experience the same type of positive energy then we would be happy to coach you through. Feel free to EMAIL US  - SUBJECT : ENERGY LEVELS

We hope this will answer many of your questions. 

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